Everyday Wellness Tips


Dr. Kalandra Cooke-Goff is an expert in the field of Wellness, Nutrition, and Holistic Health. In addition to her firm knowledge and academic background, she brings to her practice a gentle forthrightness. Plus, an awareness more than just of herself, but so too, the client. Consulting with her is more than merely healing, but it is also refreshing, enlightening, and uplifting.

S. Wellington (2018)

CEO Urban Hijab-Modest Clothing Designer, New York, NY

I have benefited from Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD knowledge of her Health and Wellness and also her herbal blog, her writing are easy to understand, she is unique, accommodating and also diplomatic in dealing with people, she deserves my personal commendation and appreciation for her advice she gave me….. I hereby recommend her to health and herbals practitioners and group of people whose interest in roots and herbs and especially those that want to stay healthier and wealthier. As from today Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD my real sister, I pray one day I would meet my sister, God grace. Thank you.

A. A. Gwani (2013)

CEO | Chairman | Engineer, Nigeria, West Africa

My children and I have learned a lot about nutrition Attending Dr. Cooke-Goff’s workshops. I am aware of better choices in my diet and how certain foods can affect our bodies. Thank you so much! I welcome anyone who is seeking more knowledge on diet, chemical changing habits (🚬, ☕, 🍫,) and implementing excersices. 👍 It is in her work shops.

K. Martin (2018)

Business Owner, Michigan, USA

With honor and enthusiasm I recommend and support Dr. Cooke-Goff’s career advancement and expansion. Dr. Cooke-Goff is an astute, thorough, compassionate and professional teacher. She is very patient and humble in everything she does from hosting food schools for youth, aerobic classes, health workshops to award ceremonies. She is polite and jovial and most pleasant to be around. Her business acumen is impeccable. She is always juggling several tasks at once and she never drops a ball. She is my favorite role model when it comes to carrying the torch of leaving a human footprint for the betterment of our society. Her career will take her wherever she wants to go.

K. Ramsey (2018)

Business Owner | Editor | Writing Consultant |Teacher, Michigan, USA