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“Dr. Kalandra Cooke-Goff is a warm, caring and interpersonal coach; through her exhibiting compassion and empathy for humankind, she has applied knowledge, and she demonstrates understanding of what she has learned. I acknowledge that she is guided by wisdom. I will say to her clients, to have Dr. Kalandra Cooke Goff as your coach is a gift.”

Dr. A. Smith (2013)

Owner of UB Centered & Blogtalk Radio Personality, New York City, USA

Dr. Kalandra Cooke-Goff; without the expectation of a return on investment; was readily willing and able to assist when I reached out to her to ask about a need for my daughter. She; without hesitation, provided information above and beyond the request and my family is more than grateful to have had her support and assistance. If you are looking for information concerning good health, or carrying a healthy child, she comes highly recommended by myself and my family.

Dr. Kalima F. Abdul-Quddus (2016)

The SAFE Campaign-NGO (ECOSOC of the United Nations), Brooklyn, New York

Resourceful…Competent…BRAVE!!! One cannot hold a candle to the light of intelligence that this beautiful Woman holds! Dr. Cooke-Goff is a pioneer for wellness, a champion for women and a true Naturopathic phenomenon in her own right. Her tenacity as a solution-based practitioner vicariously invents a dynamic resolution to care, that is unmatched and unwavering in her offerings. She is a true SHE-ro in her field and I’m honored to know her as my Colleague!

Dr. Ameenah Ali (2019)

Global Goodwill Ambassador | Program Proprietor-UN Gambia I Country Representative at IMUNA, New York, NY

Dr. Goff is a brilliant and intuitive service provider in the field of natural health/medicine with a laser focus on the patients/clients in which she services. Her foundation of knowledge is continuously expanding as she persistently embraces new discoveries with intent to increase her understanding and share the findings of such with those she provides services to. Her non-religious innovations are cherished and utilized by those who know or know of Dr. Goff. To be a recipient of Dr. Goff’s insight, one finds themselves’ being truly well-off. I recommend that any woman who cares about her physical, spiritual and psychological well-being make contact with Dr. Goff whether they feel ill or they are feeling healthy. A cure is precious but prevention in priceless.

A.R.G. (2014)

Director of Muslim Sports and Wellness Alliance | Black Belt Martial Artist| Lead Instructor, Michigan, USA