~Customizing Wellness to Suit Your Needs~

Customized Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry

By: Fadillah, Master Gemstone Therapist

Healing comes in many modalities, Even in the beautiful customization of gemstones.

Whether you are suffering from chronic illnesses or acute illnesses, semi precious stones can help.

Every stone has a natural chemical compounds with organic substances that subtly heals as you wear them.

As a part of your overall healing, we customize gemstones that suits you and your ailments. These are one of a kind designs. Contact us for a consultation:

Jewelry: Bracelets|Necklaces|Chokers|Earrings|Anklets|Belly & Hip Huggers|toe rings|Head adornments|

Dr. Goff is very skilled and knows what she’s doing. She will do everything in her power to heal you!

L. Abdul-Khaliq (2018)

BlackBelt Martial Artist |Assistant Instructor, Michigan, USA

I am proud to be a colleague of Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD. In the time that I have known Kalandra, she has shown consistency in her approach to all subjects. She is balanced in her opinions and has an abundant amount of knowledge about her chosen path in life. She is very unselfish and willing to share her knowledge. Kalandra is a true leader, in my estimation, due to the fact that she leads by example.

J. Muhammad (2013)

Marketing Director, North Carolina, USA

Dr. Cooke-Goff has an exceptional talent, truly one of her kind. She pays attention to detail and is well versed in her field of work. Not only does she offer optimal service, but provides genuine care and support that is unlike any other services provider. I highly recommend her services. Whether you are in dire need or searching for healthy alternatives Dr. Cooke-Goff should be your #1 choice.

F. Adeyola, MSW (2019)

Child Social Worker, Michigan, USA

If you want to learn how to eat right with the right foods; look no further, Dr. Kalandra Cooke-Goff  is the best doctor, teacher, mentor, mother, friend, and more. Her classes are number one. Anything you need to learn about in holistic health and wellness she offers and if she doesn’t offer certain services she knows who does. She’s awesome. May Allah reward her and her family with the best of the best in this life and the next. Ma shaa Allah. 

L. Lewis, RN (2018)

Registered Nurse, Michigan, USA