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Women’s Wellness Initiative

Fatasyalana Women’s Wellness Initiative is All About Uplifting the Spirits of Women.

The name “FaTasYaLaNa” was founded on the characters of five beautiful women who are trail blazers in their communities. Our initiative promotes wellness of mind, body, and spirit for the everyday woman. FaTasYaLaNa understand the challenges and trials we face as women in our everyday walk of life. Therefore; it is through this initiative that we focus on Relaxation and Hands on Fun in our women’s only relaxing environment. 

Classes can be both online and onsite.




Wellness Classes

WellScript Wellness Classes is Simply: Wellness 101: Prevention, Treatments, and Healing.

WellScript offers you a way to learn about different diseases and ailments that plague our everyday lives. These classes range from free to low cost. Within these classes you will learn helpful measures of:

  • Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Herbal Medicines
  • Topical Treatments
  • Supplements
  • And Helpful Healing Modalities

We believe that if you understand illnesses and ailments that you can make informed decisions about your health care.

Classes can be both online and onsite. 

Saturday’s R4 Kidz!

Where Education Meets Wellness

Saturday’s R4 Kidz! Wellness Academy is for Academia and Wellness Awareness. 

We  are all living in a world of great distress. Children are being affected the most. Toxic Foods and Behaviors are taking over our society, causing much illness and abuse. We; at SR4Kidz! have been in existance for over a decade with an aim to educate children to use nature and things that are natural to heal themselves and live harmonious with nature and each other. Our programs consist of hands-on fun such as creating healthy recipes; Making body & skin care products; and academics. We award and reward participants to assure that they understand that we applaud living well and harmonious. We spotlight their achievements with certificates, medal, and gifts in our Yearly Ending Ceremonies.

Classes are both online and onsite.