Schizophrenia is a disorder with no real clarity. Its manifestations are unknown and it is unknown of whether schizophrenia has any real physiological or bio chemical basis. However, there are many descriptions that could actually make up a preliminary diagnosis for a mental illness. There could be external factors such as exposure to heavy metals and/ or intoxicants. There could also be Internal factors like PMS, lack of rest, over indulgence in certain foods. Never the less, doctors are constantly sorting through mental illnesses and continuously coming up with diagnosis in hopes of finding finding root causes for Mental illnesses.

Disperception is a term many Naturopathic Physicians choose to use in reference to a mild form of schizophrenia. Why? because the term schizophrenia is inadequate and misleading, except for the most severe cases like those who are thought to be suicidal, homicidal, and those who have lost touch with reality.
Schizophrenia is very difficult to define; there are some “well known” causes like sleep deprivation and drug intoxication. There are “less known” causes such as cerebral allergies or histapenia (copper overload), and “unknown causes” of possible serotonin imbalances or dopamines excess
         However, when feelings of abnormal elation, depression, or unreality doesn’t disappear with proper rest and healthy eating habits, then certain actions should be taken to help patients regain a normal mental balance so that they’re able to live a healthy quality life.
Here are some scientific articles on schizophernia: