Here is advice from two sisters that I admire alot with Excellent Fitness and Nutritional Tips for Ramadan!
* Sis. Nadine (Fitness Trainer with Nadoona (Whom I have had the pleasure of training with at a “Women’s Wellness Weekend” here in Michigan, Mash’Allah! 

*Ibtihaj Mohammad (International Athlete/ USA Fencing Team Member/ Two Time World Medalist)

While we are getting our Fitness and Nutritional lives in order , We may also want to start thinking about our scheduling and regimens during Ramadan. It’s not to early to start thinking about it.

My Personal Ramadan Regimen

(1) I keep my workouts very light… maintaining stretches and a light walk.
(2) My food intake is very light and very little, I drink a lot of water. At this time, I use most of my energy just doing daily chores, Islamic obligations such as prayers and charitable works. 
(3) I usually take my vacation during the month of Ramadan. I’m very focused at this time with trying to get the most out of this particular month.