As-Salaamu-Alakium wrwb,
I am a Wellness Consultant/ Fitness Trainer. In my field of work, I creatively and innovatively teach women to implement Nutritional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness in their daily lives.

I have a Master’s Degree in Naturopathic Psychology and I’m 3 credit hrs shy of my Ph.D. in Natural Health. I have been on an official crusade for wellness for over 14 yrs. I have a great foundation of Women who have stirred me in the right direction and taught me about womanhood and self-love. Because of this, I am able to share love and teach the beauty of womanhood, leading to self worth.

My Lord has offered me every confidence and tool needed to succeed in this life and the hereafter, therefore; I have gladly accepted and I try implementing them wisely. Allahu’Alim.

My Mom, My Teacher, My Closest Friend, gave me a head start in Understanding and Implementing Complete Wellness of Mind, Body, and Nutrition. Through her, I have gained a mass of knowledge and wisdom.

A Mentor/ Choreographer, Dr. Lavonne Ansari, I have trained under and performed with in African Dance since the age of 10 in all women’s forums.

I am now 40 yrs old, and grounded in Fitness, Nutritional, and Spiritual Wellness. I choreograph fitness routines, I customize wellness plans, and I counsel holistically and spiritually.
I am humbled by the belief that, Allah S.W.T. understands my heart, my aim, and my purpose and it is for His sake that I strive and it is to Him that I will return.

KCGoff, M.N. Psy

Mother of 7, Wife of 
16 yrs