Prevention is the best Method for Controlling Hay Fever, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, pneumonia, Common Colds, Influenza, and other Respiratory Conditions: Here are a few herbals and preventative measures for the Nasal, throat, and upper respiratory Relief:

*Pure Raw Honey– Fights over all inflammation and infections. (Tried and True)  
*Garlic– is a very strong and potent antibiotic that will fight off most infections. (Tried and True)  
*Ginger-Fights infection, inflammation in upper respiratory tract, helps rid nausea from post nasal drip. (Tried and True)  
*Whole Cloves– Kills infection in mouth, nasal area, respiratory tract, clears nasal and bronchial airways. (Tried and True)  
*Black Seed Great for overall immunity and respiratory illnesses. (Tried and True)  
*Hawthorne -May Enhance immune function to fight off infection.
*Elder Berries– One of the highest in vitamin C and a great antioxidant. (Tried and True)  
*Astragulus– May Incite white blood cells to fight off infections.
*Oat Straw– May Reduce inflammation and eye strain.
*Pink Roses– Reduces fevers when taken as a tea, helpful for asthmatics, Red eyes when used as a compress with Honey and chickweed. (Tried and True)  
*Chickweed– For Red eyes due to allergies when used as a compress and all sorts of respiratory Problems. (Tried and True)  
*Nettie Pot– Clears nasal passages of allergens and debris. (Tried and True)  
*Portable/ Wearable Air Purifier– Can Potentially Clear allergens and toxins that are near.

**Please Consult with your Health Care Practitioner (ND or MD) before using any Medicines; whether Synthetic or Natural, Especially Pregnant or Breast feeding Moms….
“For Awareness and Educational Purposes”