In order for our bodies to metabolize glucose properly, we must stay stocked with certain nutrients. Improper metabolism can affect your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. So I will share some key nutrients in their dietary form in hopes that it help us to better understand how to control our blood sugar in the most holistic way.

  • Chromium: is a nutrient that immediately kicks into gear when glucose enters into the blood stream. Therefore the slightest deficiency can upset the bodies tolerances to glucose.Chromium Rich Foods: Brewer’s yeast, whole wheat and rye breads, apples, butter, parsnips, cornmeal, potatoes, greens peppers, eggs, beef liver. 

  • Zinc: is very important for the normal production of insulin and digesting proteins  Zinc also has an antiviral effect.  Zinc Rich Foods: Fresh oysters, ginger root, lamb. pecans, beans, etc… to learn more visit my post on Zinc link is at the bottom.

  • B-Complex Vitamins: consist of 8 different B’s… B 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,12 These 8 has a tremendous effect on every system in our body and plays an important role in the way we metabolize glucose. This supplement is wonderful for our mental stability, heart wellness, nervous system, our integumentary system (skin, hair, and nails), and the list goes on… B-Complex Rich Foods: Brown Rice, Split peas, lobster, turkey, red chili peppers,  avocados, kale, etc…To learn more about the B’s the link is at the bottom.

  • Vitamin C: We all love our vitamin c, and we also know that vitamin c helps to ward off colds, infections and give us energy, but we also need it to metabolize our blood sugar as well. What better way to get it, than with fresh fruits and veggies? Vitamin C Foods: Kale, Brussels sprouts, guava, strawberries, tangerines, turnip greens, green peppers, green onions, papaya, parsley, spinach, mangoes, broccoli, etc… to learn more about Vitamin C follow the link below.


Nutritional Supplements: