When speaking of GI (Glycemic Index) foods, we are talking about how slowly or quickly food metabolize in the body. So a comprehensive way to view this is to simply tell you what you do want for your metabolism and what you don’t and some benefits of having a low GI.

·         A Low Glycemic Index are foods whose numbers are  from 0-55.
·         A Medium Glycemic Index are foods whose numbers are from 56-69.
·         A High Glycemic Index are foods whose numbers are 70- and higher.
We want low Glycemic foods for many reasons:
However here is 10
1)     Low GI diets can help you to lose and control weight.
2)     Low GI carbs can helps to refuel carbohydrates stores after exercise.
3)     Low GI carbs can prolong physical endurance.
4)     Low GI diets can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.
5)     Low GI diets can reduce hunger and keep you fuller longer.
6)     Low GI carbs can improve diabetes control.
7)     Low GI diets can help women manage the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
8)     Low GI foods can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
9)     Low GI diets can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.
10) Low GI levels can help to manage sugar blues and mild depression.

A Small List of Low Glycemic Foods

Brown Rice, Brown Rice Pasta, Many Fruits and Vegetables, Quinoa, Barley,
 Whole Grain Cereal, 
Stevia,Coconut Palm Sugar, Agave Nectar, Yacon Syrup, Monk Fruit , 
Legumes, Grains, Whole Wheat.
“Reducing Food Intake and Eating in Moderation is Key.”