I didn’t particularly like the spot we chose, but the sun shines here the most and hubby thought it was a good idea; however, neither one of us had enough experience to know that we should have put more dirt than what we bought to raise the garden above ground. I know this seem elementary but, we had to start some where and It should have been in a “Learn to Garden” book or on youtube, but I was too eager for that so this is how it all went. 

I went and bought all kinds of seeds and this pretty little bunch of purple Mustard green.

My 11 yr old daughter was already trying to grow her basil in a recycled cup, made from paper. **She learned to make this in one of our Womens Wellness Workshops with Sis. Esther Y. McCormick. (Very Educational by the way.)

We started this green bean plant in an organic planting cup. We also used organic dirt.

As the green beans grew it looked like this.

Well… As you can see, we didn’t water enough…When I would come out and check on the garden, I would find the green beans sitting in desert dry soil…

Even if we watered the evening before, by noon the soil looked like this and The purple mustards were thirsty. 

Well here’s the LESSON 1:
Our Lord takes care of all of His creation, even if we neglect it,…”Then which of the favors of your Lord will you Deny?”… (It rained and rained and it also flooded as you can see in the back.) but in a few days the purple mustard’s looked happy. They even sprouted some kind of bean pole with flowers… 

An up close look of the bean pole that sprouted from the purple mustards.


This is why you should build your garden above ground… When it floods in Michigan (which is often), your garden floods as well (really bad)…

…Sadly one of our little squash didn’t make it… I Really, Really want to blame it on Mr. Munchie and his family of squirrels or the rabbits that casually hopped through. but… I have no proof they did anything other than standing in the garden. 
Some were warped, but still edible.
I saw the beet leaves that start to perk up!
I saw the beet leaves that start to perk up!
Beautiful green beans!
LESSON 3: Don’t wait too long to pick your green beans or you will have one of two things… ~A tough green bean or 
~you will have to shell it and it becomes a dried bean like a navy bean, red bean, etc… 
***I learned this from Sis. Esther Yaquta Mc Cormick. 
::: These are from the first harvest:::
My daughters basil! It was really aromatic… We made a basil vinaigrette.
::: This is from the 2nd harvest:::
LESSON 4: Growing food and eating food in their right season is best. some times the harvest can be smaller than normal, tough, warped, etc… EX: these squash were picked this October and were very small (the size of a pickle). They were in the garden for a while, but my first harvest squash were normal in size, pretty to look at and tasty. 
::: These are from the 2nd harvest:::

Turnip Greens, Turnip Roots, Baby Summer Squash, Fresh Green Onion, Fresh Parsley, Fresh Basil, Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt to taste.

::: This is from the second harvest:::

(great salad for the winter and a good blood cleanser, blood builder, Jumper for the Immune system.)