Services We Offer


    • Initial Phone Consultations are Free.
    • Additional Phone and Virtual Consultations are: $25 per 1/2 hour. $50 per 1 hour.
    • In Person Consultations are $50 per hour.

*Consultations includes advising on general health matters. ex: common cold, common headaches, common stomache ailments, etc… 

(Due to Covid 19. In person consultations are not available until further notice).


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Virtual and Personal Wellness Visits

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  • Virtual Visits: $50 hourly.
  • In Person Visits: Select Michigan areas $75 per hour.
  • Virtual and In-Person Wellness Appointment Includes:

    Initial Assessments & Analysis of lab work and scans | General Consultation| Quick Prescription for Wellness.

(Due to Covid 19. In person consultations are not available until further notice).


Wellness and Instructors Manuals

Customized Wellness Manuals

Customized Wellness Manual are manual that consist of whole body treatments. This manual is strictly designed for you. You will be able to follow in-depth directions on Nutrition, Fitness, Supplement, herbals, and other natural methods in order to help the body back to a state of homeostasis.

A copy of a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel which includes: Vitamin D levels, Lipid Panel, Urinalysis, and a Complete Blood Cell Count is required before any sound advice can be given given. If you do not have a panel of lab work; no worries, I can give a requisition for lab work, however; I do not take insurance.

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Instructors Manual

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This is a consultation for those who are teachers, consultants, coaches, trainers, chefs or for those who just want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Within this consultation we will talk about your needs and goals.

Thereafter; a comprehensive master plan will be created for you to instruct from or live by.

Requisition For Lab Work


Lab work/Blood work is necessary. We may look and feel great on the outside, but what’s happening inside can make all the difference in prevention and your quality of health.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panels are panels of basic test that will tell me how your Liver, kidney, thyroid, red and white blood cell, and some key chemicals in your body is functioning. This panel will be needed before a cutomized plan can be created.

We can give you referrals to a lab in all areas across the United States except: NY, NJ, or RI. 

You must be 18 yrs of age or older to order your own lab work.

Some testing can be done at personal visits and Some Requisitions are given for outside labs in your area.

We have the ability to test for an array of ailments, diseases, and screenings. Check below for a small list of test.

Lab test can range from Approx: $25 to $1,999.

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Our Testing Company is



  • Allergy
  • Cholesterol
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal Panel
  • Heavy Metal Toxins
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • HIV Screenings
  • Blood Types
  • Pregancy Testing
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Kidney Function
  • STD
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Thyroid Function
  • Fertility
  • Prostate
  • Individual Vitamin and Nutrient Panels
  • Complete health screening for Men and Women
  • and many more test


“I am a cancer survivor, and it is my desire to share my experience with you. I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2015. The type of cancer I had was an aggresive form that spreaded rapidly. I was frightened about my prospects for survival and became sad. I believed that if I survived cancer I would lose my hair and be in constant fear of cancerous tumors developing again. My doctor wanted to treat my cancer with tamoxifen and chemotherapy. Several of the side effects to tamoxifen are blood clots, blindness, and uterine cancer. However, my doctors did not know if their prescribed treatments would stop the growth of my cancerous tumors, I felt that the doctors were trying to hurt me not heal me. I wanted to find a healthier way.

Kalandra Cooke Goff, PhD provided a healthier way for me. She provided emotional support by showing that she understood the issue with my doctors treatment plan; Then after she analyzed my labs and bloodwork, she clearly explained to me an alternative medicine process that would be more consistent with my desire to have a more natural healing process. Dr. Goff developed an alternative medicine and meal planning approach tailored to my condition. The growth of my cancerous tumors stopped.

I have been on my meal plan for eight months now and I am feeling stronger and healthier each day. I look forward to each day instead of dreading what each day might bring. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or undergoing traditional treatments, you owe it to yourself to call Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD and see what she can do for you.”

S. Abdullah (2016)

Cancer Survivor, Michigan, USA

“I have known Kalandra for over 25 years. Since I’ve known her, she has been a person who strived to be the best in everything she does. Kalandra may not have known that she would become a Doctor of Health and Wellness, but that is the spirit she exuded even as a young teen. A calming and confident presence….”

“My wellness plan represents a new start for me so to speak, not only the wellness plan she provided for my physical health, but for my SPIRITUAL health. I thank God for Kalandra Cooke-Goff. Anyone who is blessed to receive her services will be saying the exact same thing. Congratulations on your success, and thank you for all of your assistance!”

Zaimah H. (2013)

Singer/Songwriter, New York, USA

“I am honored and delighted to provide this testament of service for Kalandra. She is best described by words such as highly professional, greatly motivated and detailed oriented with a vast knowledge base. I also found her very personable and a humanitarian in her service to me. She addressed my total needs with great emphasis on my presenting issue there-by assuring a congruant solution and plan of action. Therefore; it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend her and assure her excellence, expertise, and integerty.”

K. Ahsan. (2012)

Retired, New York, USA

“So kind and professional. I would highly recommend this company and their services to all. I am so happy I decided to go on this journey to improve my health and so grateful that Kalandra is guiding me along.’

K. Abdullah (2018)

Wife and Mom, Michigan, USA